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November 20, 2018
We are finally scheduled to get a break from the heat, and none too soon. I'm sure all you golfers will appreciate playing in more temperate conditions with less humidity. The staff and I are excited about the higher energy level at the club, as we move into the busy season, with more snow birds returning (welcome back!) and lots of activities ramping up.
In October, in addition to regular play, we had the Fifth Annual Hospice for Sharon, the Kia Tournament hosted by members Steve and Cindy Hiteman, a fun outing for their many customers and their employees, and the High School Regional Championship, where the best boy and girl golfers in the area competed to advance to the state finals.
In November, we've got the Men's Member/Guest Tournament at Sugarmill Woods on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. During that time, the course and range will be closed to regular play, except on Thursday morning, the MGA will play as usual. On November 5th, the SMW LGA will host their annual Sugar & Spice Invitational, and on November 17th, the Rotary Club will hold their annual tournament. Many of these tournaments are partially or completely conducted with the goal of providing proceeds to local charities or organizations.
And with more activities, as well as more members using the clubs, it will be even more necessary to make reservations for events at the restaurants. Robin and Chef Justin have many events planned, so be sure and watch for them and get your reservations in quickly. Many events have sold out and, unfortunately, some members were not able to get a table.
I want to say again how much I appreciate all our members and give a special recognition to many who do so much to help the clubs: Nan and Jim Roys and Susie and Dave Hornbeck for Hit and Giggle; John and Alicia Lehman for Sunday Swingers; Dick Tuxbury for lining up crews to help with pulling weeds at SMW (and a big thank-you to all who came out and helped!); Tom Rowat for lining up work crews to clean up around the clubhouse at Southern (a big thank-you to those who helped with that, as well!); Bill Ervasti and Ben Lee for their continual work at the golf courses at Southern. And on an ongoing basis, there are the leaders of the MGA and LGA, as well as the various golfing groups who put in a lot of time and effort to keep their groups coordinated and running smoothly. Besides all that, there are the committees who organize our important tournaments such as the Men's Member/Guest and the Rotary Club. They, too, devote a lot of time and energy to those events. I will plan to recognize those individuals in next month's article after the tournaments have been played. And I can't forget the ladies who do such a nice job decorating our clubs during the various holidays. I will recognize them, as well, over the next couple of months. Wow! I don't know what we would do without all the help we get from so many of our members! A very big thank you from me and my  entire staff.
The clubs continue to face many difficulties in keeping all aspects of the organization running smoothly, both from a financial standpoint and from the ever-present challenge from Mother Nature and many of her children. But I assure you, we are doing our best to allocate scarce resources in the optimum way possible. The courses should begin to look much better soon, as many maintenances practices have been implemented and the weather has begun to moderate.
At Southern woods, maintenance crews will be over seeding November 5-8. Those courses will be closed those four days and will reopen on Friday, November 9th.
Rick Kelso
General Manager
Sugarmill Woods Country Club
Southern Woods Golf Club

Welcome to Sugarmill Woods Country Club & Southern Woods Golf Club

All initiation fees are being waived until further notice!!! 

   Members of Sugarmill Woods Country Club and Southern Woods Golf Club have access to 45 holes of golf in Sugarmill Woods, a golfing community on the West Coast of Florida. Located in Homosassa, Florida, the club also offers members, for a limited time, access to 45 holes of golf at World Woods Golf Club a few miles away in Hernando County. In addition, membership and greens fees are a much better value than those at any golf or country club in the vicinity. For those who fancy other forms of physical activity, the Oak Village Sports Complex offers tennis, along with pool and fitness. Residents of all ages and all walks of life are welcome in Sugarmill Woods and all are eligible to become members and avail themselves of these amenities.

  Situated in Citrus County three miles from the Gulf of Mexico, Sugarmill Woods is a piece of Old Florida in a rural community, with a deed-restricted, open-age community comprised of three villages populated by more than 9,000 residents. There are more than 4,000 homes and an additional 4,000 site-ready lots available for people seeking refuge from the cold and snow of the North or those seeking a new home in an area rich with Southern hospitality. People who live here call Sugarmill Woods a best place to retire, as well as a best place to raise a family.

  Each village has a Property Owner’s Association, which has responsibility for internal affairs such as resident adherence to deed restrictions. Membership in the POAs is mandatory, but the annual fee is minimal: $150 or less. There is also a civic association, which represents the three villages in external affairs and interacts with county and state officials on matters that affect the community, such as proposed new roadways, water regulations, etc. Membership in this group is optional, but the annual fee is only $15.00.

  The natural greenbelts that back up to nearly every home, and the rural setting of this suburban-type community are just two of the many things that draw people to this little slice of Paradise. Property taxes are a fraction of what they are in northern states and there is no state income tax. Here, they find some of the best-value homes and best-value golf in the country.

  And when they’re not golfing, swimming, playing tennis, or at the fitness center, residents have the option of fishing, boating or kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico or any of the seven rivers nearby, as well as many other outdoor activities along the Nature Coast. For their cultural, fine-dining, sports, and entertainment desires, the one- or two-hour drive to Tampa or Orlando can satisfy the most discriminating tastes. In Sugarmill Woods they’ll have the best of both worlds: a community in a rural setting with close access to many parts of Florida that reflect a time reminiscent of the 20th Century that boasts low crime, low taxes, and comparatively low living expenses, as well as easy access to big-city amenities.